Bury St Edmunds STEM Academy .

Clearwater Norwich, on behalf of Integral Building Services, were employed to undertake the mechanical and electrical services design for the Bury St Edmunds STEM Academy.

Our company was employed to take the design from a Stage 3 developed design, produced by another consultant, to a Stage 4 coordinated technical design; we are currently undertaking the Stage 5 construction element of the project. On completion of the project, associated record drawings and documents will be provided to the end user.

The BSE STEM Academy building has been designed to house 530 high school and sixth form pupils. The building houses various engineering workshops, design studios and science classrooms to allow the students to experience the following areas - Computing, Energy Supply, Engineering (Aeronautical, Electrical, Electronic & Mechanical), Health & Life Sciences and Product design.

The capital value of the BSE STEM Academy mechanical and electrical services installation was £2.5m and is due to be completed in September 2019.

The project has made use of hybrid natural ventilation to support the thermal comfort requirements of the occupants in each teaching space.

As part of the energy efficiency design strategy for the building, a photovoltaic array was specified.

Both the community and the school will be using the sports hall within the building, so an appropriate design has been implemented that meets the needs of all stakeholders, including flexibility within the lighting and ventilation design to allow formal events, such as examinations, to take place within the space.

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