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3D Scanning

imageedit 5 9230848945Clearwater's 3D Laser Scanning Service was established to help clients overcome such obstacles by providing you with accurate and precise information about as-built conditions well in advance of project commencement. Cost effective and efficient, scanning will enable you to ascertain the exact location of existing MEP systems and enable you to make a straight-forward comparison of these with the as-planned design, a process simply not achievable on paper.

Our scanning service negates the need for any costly manual surveying and reduces the man hours associated with onsite measuring and taking pictures that can’t be dimensioned.

We use the latest Trimble’s 3D Laser Scanners which mean our clients can reap the rewards of pin-point accuracy without the need to invest in costly surveying and drawing services. We will simply come to site, scan the physical environment, and then deliver a fully registered point cloud for you to use seamlessly in the design & detailing process.