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Thermal Modelling

At Clearwater we use a wide variety of software to model and simulate buildings. The modelling of buildings during the design stage is of great importance as it allows for accurate and efficient collection of information that can be used for the progression of the design. As well as modelling for design purposes, buildings can be modelled for the production of EPC and BRUKL documents through our accredited assessors.

Using IESVE for Engineers, allows for thermal modelling of buildings. This process can be used to calculate the heating and cooling loads required in a space along with required air flow rates. The virtual environment can also simulate overheating and enables us to test the thermal comfort of occupants as well as the compliance with CIBSE and building regulations for internal spaces. The technology enables a variety of design options to be tested easily and efficiently to identify the best solution for each space.

Autodesk insight is utilised to produce daylight calculations along with lighting calculations within Dialux to ensure compliance and to create a comfortable internal environment through both mechanical and electrical services.   

Types of modelling provided: -